Avidity Arms PD10

First announced at SHOT in 2016, the PD10 hadn’t quite got its legs under it until now. Designed by Rob Pincus in conjunction with Avidity Arms, the PD10 is designed to be an ideal carry pistol; and is now available as a production gun. The Avidity Arms  PD10 is a polymer-framed pistol that’s similar in size to a Glock G19, but slimmer. The PD10’s frame is designed for shooter-friendly ergonomics and a secure grip. It has texturing on the front and back of the grip and a short two-slot accessory rail.

The Avidity Arms PD10 uses 10-round 9mm 1911 single-stack magazines. The slide features rear cocking serrations and tapered beveling at the front of the slide to reduce hang-ups on clothing or holsters. It features an Ameriglow Luma Glow front sight and I.C.E. Claw rear sight that the gun can be racked against a barrier. It’s an affordable, well-thought pistol that should be one of the hit new handguns for concealed carry.


Caliber: 9mm

Action: striker-fired

Capacity: 10+1

Barrel Length: 4”

Frame: Polymer

Overall Length: 6.94”

Width at widest: 1”, Slide is .9″

Weight: 18.8 oz.

Isonite Coating on most metal parts

MSRP: $599 ($625 w/ Optic Cut)



  1. Ergonomic Slim Grip
  2. Deep Tang
  3. Aggressive Grip Pattern
  4. Accessory Rail
  5. Safety Index Point
  6. Contoured Slide Stop
  7. Slide Stop Standoff
  8. Aggressive Slide Serrations
  9. Loaded Chamber Indicator
  10. Captured Recoil Spring
  11. LargeSquareFrontSight
  12. Magazine Extraction Relief Cut
  13. Flared Magazine Well
  14. Drop Free metal magazine
  15. Claw Feature on Magazine Baseplate
  16. Claw Emergency Manipulation Rear Sight
  17. Gray Frame decreases chances of accidental exposure
  18. Oversized Magazine Release
  19. Undercut Trigger Guard
  20. Steel Trigger-Tab Safety
  21. Striker Blocking Drop Safety
  22. Angled Trigger Face
  23. Low Variance Trigger with Short Reset.
  24. Slide Cut for Red Dot Sight (PD10-OC Model Only)


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