The Legend. Reborn.

Built for the modern handgunner, the new FN High Power SS reimagines the legendary 1935 FN pistol conceived by John Browning. From NATO’s trusted sidearm for more than 80 years to a modern pistol designed for today’s sports shooters, the FN High Power has been enhanced to exceed every expectation. With three new frame colors and seven accessory grips, personalizing your FN High Power has never been easier.

With improvements to ergonomics and fire control design, shoot ability and accuracy best any clone of the original FN High Power, pointing naturally with draftable steel sights and shooting with pinpoint precision, thanks to the smooth, single-action trigger. FN adds an industry-first 17+1 capacity in a High Power.

A 40-oz., robust design keeps the signature rake of the dust cover and long arms slide release, adding Ambi-controls for instinctive operation. An extended beavertail and raised hammer fit perfectly in hand. The FN High Power SS takes down instantly for maintenance, deletes the magazine disconnect, and ensures that most modern factory loads feed smoothly over the polished ramp of the cold hammer-forged barrel.

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