Glock 23 Gen 5
The Glock 23 gen 5 is a high-capacity, durable and reliable firearm. handguns and their accuracy and reliability; Glock pistols have the largest market share in law enforcement worldwide, making them an exceptional choice for home defense. Glock firearms are designed to be safe from accidental discharge yet simple to operate with just one hand as if you were wearing gloves. For these reasons, it is easy to see why both military personnel and police officers use Glock weapons.
Glock firearms feature a number of safety mechanisms, that make handling more comfortable.
the striker-fired design (with no external hammer) eliminates the need for heavy trigger pulls, while also eliminating any worry about misfires.
Getting your finger caught on the trigger is not the best idea.
Glock pistols also feature a “safe action” trigger system, which means the gun will not fire unless it is pulled.
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