Glock 17L Long Slide | 9x19mm Details

The GLOCK 17L is an ideal competition pistol with a long barrel, a slotted and accurately balanced slide, a long sight radius and a slightly lighter trigger pull for ultimate precision. Glock has been the world’s leading producer of pistols and handguns, so it is no wonder that Glock17L Slide For Sale is some of the best. Glock 17L Slide For Sale is made with precision engineering and strict attention to detail. Glock manufactures their products in Smyrna, Georgia, which is why they have such a high standard of quality control. Glock’s firearms stand out because they don’t need to be cleaned often as well as have low recoil when fired.

Glock 17L Specs
1 Length (Overall)** 242 mm | 9.53 inch
2 Slide Length 225 mm | 8.86 inch
3 Width (Overall) 33 mm | 1.30 inch
4 Slide Width 25,5 mm | 1.0 inch
5 Height incl.Mag. 139 mm | 5.47 inch
6 Line of Sight (Polymer) 205 mm | 8.07 inch
Line of Sight (Steel) 204 mm | 8.03 inch
Line of Sight (GNS) 203 mm | 7.99 inch
7 Trigger Distance** 72 mm | 2.83 inch


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