GLOCK 32 Compact | .357 Details

Designed as a compact model, the GLOCK 32, in 357 SIG, offers a unique combination of versatility, convincing ballistics, optimum carry comfort, and the legendary GLOCK pistol reliability.

This Glock 32 review will talk mostly about why a Glock makes sense for a .357 Sig firearm and how it can be used by those who prefer the .357 Sig, as a nearly perfect carry pistol.

Some things about the GLOCK 32 Compact | .357  Sig as a carry option

A quick disclaimer: the .357 Sig is a potent round and it moves very swiftly out of a barrel. It has a reputation for being able to penetrate barriers and shoot through windows while delivering shots that are lower in deflection and higher in stopping power than comparative projectiles. In a carry situation these two aspects may be of consequence for some shooters.

You must be able to control your firearm, and the GLOCK 32 Compact | .357 Sig is very snappy, can muzzle flip much more than the 9mm or .40 or .45, and while it is an excellent threat stopper, that aspect should be weighed into your overall planning. Overpenetration may or may not contribute to your planning process, but it should be noted that the GLOCK 32 Compact | .357 Sig is fast and can over-penetrate in congested areas.

All that said, it is the ballistic makeup of the round that makes this an excellent carry gun, not to mention all of the benefits of using a Glock pistol. The GLOCK 32 Compact | .357  Sig as a carry round is substantial and is in the same league as a 10mm, from an overall “parameters” perspective (it’s a lighter weight projectile, but it has sufficient stopping power and penetration). The recoil is not as heavy as the 10mm, but the muzzle flip is substantial.

The Glock 32 as a carry option

While carry guns need not be super over-powered, stopping a threat efficiently is of paramount importance. That’s why the .357 Sig is so good in this market segment. It offers a proven stopping potential; high round counts and still manageable recoil and relatively fast follow up shots, despite notoriously significant muzzle flip.

All of that said, it’s a nearly perfect round for a gun in the compact carry size from Glock. This is the same size platform as the Glock 19 and 23. It’s small enough to conceal realistically in regular clothing options by normal sized or larger framed shooters. It is also small enough to fit the hand size of many smaller shooters.

From a handling perspective, the “Compact” Glock models are very mainstream. The size versus capacity allows shooters to easily conceal a nearly full featured gun that doesn’t skimp on round count.

The 19 and 23 have been beloved carry options for decades now, with larger shooters finding them particularly interesting options as they can still shoot them from a grip size perspective and concealment, while not perfect, is very good.

Where the Glock 32 shines though, is the combination of superior stopping power and the sizing of the pistol. With the GLOCK 32 Compact | .357 Sig round, you are getting substantial stopping power, in an easily controlled size and which can legitimately be concealed in a number of conditions or styles, with a huge amount of aftermarket options. That includes important things like holsters. However, you don’t need a custom buildout to get your factory handgun into a carry condition.

The capacity is more than most shooters will be used to getting from a purpose-built concealment pistol. The magazine capacities for carry are 13, 14, 15, and 16. When specifically carrying in a low-profile situation, the 13 and 14 are absolutely acceptable. For larger shooters who can conceal the gun with looser fitting clothing, or specialty holster placements, the 14 and 15 round magazines will make only a negligible difference in sizing.

It goes without saying (though we said it a few times) the “compact” models of the Glock family of pistols (of which the G32 is one) just make sense as carry guns. Given the GLOCK 32 Compact | .357  caliber option, this is among the finest combinations of size and power you can find on the market.


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