Glock 33 For Sale

High muzzle velocity and energy, all packed in a user-friendly subcompact 357 SIG pistol: the G33 opens up new possibilities in the concealed carry range. Glock 33 For Sale at a low price.

Glock 33 Size and Weight

The Glock 33 weighs in at 20 ounces unloaded. This firearm is relatively light when it comes to concealed carry weapons. The pistol is also very thin and has a short grip, making it comfortable for people with smaller hands.

Glock 33 subcompact 

GLOCK 33 Subcompact Details


The G33 is chambered in the powerful .357 SIG cartridge. This cartridge offers good ballistics and stopping power. The G33 can also use the more common 9mm cartridge with a simple barrel change.

Double-Action First Shot

Another key feature of the G33 is its double-action first shot capability, which allows you to fire around even if there isn’t one in the chamber. This feature allows you to have a round ready at all times, especially useful when you’re on duty as a police officer or for home or personal defense purposes. Many people also use this feature for recreational shooting.


The G33 is not an especially beautiful weapon, but it has a unique practice style. You can change the color of the frame to suit the user’s preference. There are also several aftermarket accessories for the Glock 33, including replacement barrels, grips, and sights.



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