GLOCK 36 Subcompact | .45 Auto Details

In 2011, Glock released a new pistol to take on Officer-type pistols in the concealed carry .45 market. The Glock 36 is, like the Officer, a single stack .45 pistol. Like the Officer, the Glock is essentially a cut-down version of the original pistol. That having been said, Glock’s more modern operating system and use of advanced materials give it a decisive lead over the older design.

The Glock 36 is, like all Glock variants in all calibers and types, essentially the original model 17 at heart. Glock pistols eschew the traditional hammer and firing pin system especially common to older pistols for a striker-fired system in which a striker contacts the firing pin.

In striker-fired pistols, the pistol is half-cocked when the slide is racked and a round is chambered—the pistol is fully cocked and discharges with the pull of a trigger. This allows for a number of safety mechanisms to be embedded into a striker-fired system, including a trigger safety, firing pin safety, and trigger safety.

Six rounds of 45 Auto in a package that fits into the hands of any user. The GLOCK 36 presents grip ergonomics of the next dimension. The GLOCK single stack magazine allows for a slim frame and a slide with reduced width. Together with the secure-grip design and minimal trigger-to-grip distance this makes handling the pistol very simple.



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