Hi Point Carbine .45 ACP Centerfire Rifle 4595TS features an all weather black polymer skeletonized stock that is also equipped with internal recoil buffers. This Hi-Point is 100% American made and assembled. This rifle proves that you do not have to sacrifice quality when getting a great price.

Hi Point makes their .45 carbines easy and comfortable to use. This seven-pound carbine has a polymer skeletonized stock with recoil pad. Plus, it uses the same magazine as Hi-Point’s .45 ACP pistol!

But what about looks? Well, the Hi Point carbine has a distinctive, rugged look. Some call it blocky (and others call it ugly). No matter what you call it, you can choose its finish as a black, desert digital, woodland, or pink camo design.

Now let’s talk features and functionality. The .45 ACP carbine comes with an adjustable front post sight and an adjustable ghost ring rear sight. There are also Weaver-style rails on the top and bottom of the gun for accessories, such as a light, red dot, or scope. The bolt of this blowback-operated carbine locks open after the magazine empties.


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