The PTR 91 FR- PTR 102, .308 semi auto is the PTR Target workhorse rifle featuring the Bull Barrel. The Match Grade Bull  barrels are a thicker than the standard and increase accuracy. The will work with the wide variety of .308 & 7.62 ammo on the market today. Other features of the  PTR FR are: Welded top rail to assist in mounting your favorite optics and 18″ barrel with removable flash hider. The beautiful black powder coat finish on the metal surfaces really sets this racehorse off. Comes with (1)- 20 round magazine  (Does not come with optic in pictures) Please Note : All orders placed after 3/3/20 will be shipped with the MLOK handguards.

  • Model PTR 91FR 102
  • Caliber:.308 or 7.62 NATO
  • UPC 897903002770
  • Action: Delayed Blowback Roller-Lock System
  • Overall length: 40 ½”
  • Weight : 9.75 lb
  • Barrel:18” match grade bull barrel With 5/8×24 Threading


PTR offers a 3 year warranty from original date of purchase on all products manufactured.  All PTR products also have a lifetime or 25,000rd warranty on the internal parts that PTR produces which can include the trunnion, bolt head, bolt carrier, hammer, trigger, and sear.

Shown with optional Primary Arms optic (NOT INCLUDED)
Trigger packs may  cosmetically vary slightly from what is pictured.


**** PTR offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all new PTR Industries, INC (PTR) firearms. These firearms are warranted to the original purchaser of the firearm for the lifetime of the firearm, provided they are properly registered and maintained.


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