The RIA 5.0 is a new 9mm pistol that resembles a blend of CZ and Sig P320 features. This full-size 9mm has a rounded rectangular slide that sits low in its full-length frame. The bore axis is low, and the grip is high, which should make it a flat-shooting gun. The ST model comes with Dawson Precision iron sights and the other OS comes with no iron sights, but a C More RS II red dot sight.

The new RIA 5.0 ST has a steel slide, aluminum frame, and a black Cerakote finish on both. The frame has a long accessory rail, and the nylon grips have a rough stipple texture. The pistol has RIA’s new patented RVS recoil system that’s meant to soften recoil impulse and make the RIA 5.0 more controllable. It’s unique, rectangular-profile barrel is 4.91 inches long and sits low in relation to the grip. The gun has simple controls, uses 17-round magazines, and a crisp 4-pound flat trigger with a trigger-bar safety.


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