Ruger SR9 Overview

The Ruger SR9 is a value-priced USA-made 9mm with all the attributes you need in your EDC. This double action, striker fired SR9 Ruger has a glass-filled nylon frame and ergonomic grip, rear slide serrations, adjustable sights, and is available in 10 or 17-round capacities. Safety features onboard this Ruger include an ambidextrous manual thumb safety and magazine release, loaded chamber indicator, visual and tactile cocked-striker indicator, and a firing pin block safety which prevents the pistol from firing if accidentally dropped.

The Ruger SR9 9mm pistol comes in two sizes- the SR9 is 7.5 inches long, with a 4.14-inch barrel and an unloaded weight of 26.2 ounces, and the SR9c is 6.85 inches long, with a 3.4-inch barrel, and an unloaded weight of 23.4 ounces. The Ruger SR9 price at Federal Primers Official is the lowest you’ll find anywhere for such a performance-driven pistol.

New Components
A number of parts in the trigger assembly were replaced, but the trigger itself is most notable among them. Although the original design was a two-piece trigger, it was comprised of an inner and outer “shoe,” with the inner one hidden. The updated design uses a visible inner trigger blade, which retards rearward travel unless it’s depressed. This design is similar to what is standard on a Glock pistol and to not make mention of this would be silly.

The redesigned trigger system also offers reduced trigger over-travel that makes trigger control more positive and rapid follow-up shots easier to achieve. Additionally, once the inner trigger blade is depressed, the length-of-travel is noticeably reduced, a very pleasing new feature. Another upgraded feature is the magazine release button that has been modified from the original design.

The first production buttons were quite stiff, requiring direct inward pressure by the thumb to release. Unless you have very large hands, a quick magazine exchange was problematic at best. Retrofitted pistols with the older latches will receive a newer version, which is easier to depress and will allow them to work well with any SR9 magazine variation. The magazine disconnect and disconnect spring have also been replaced with updated variations as have the striker blocker and striker blocker spring.


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