Sig Sauer P229 Enhanced Elite Compact Details

The Sig Sauer P229 Enhanced Elite Compact model takes the same features common to all Elite series pistols and combines them with ergonomic one-piece grips. The P229 Enhanced Elite Compact builds on the exceptional reputation of out-of-the-box accuracy with the addition of SIG’s Short Reset Trigger or SRT. The SRT provides you the same great safety and smooth action as the SIG DA/SA with a comfortable short reset for faster trigger return and surgical control during high-speed shooting. The P229 Enhanced Elite Compact features a Beavertail frame, and front strap checking and comes with SIGLITE Night Sights.

The P229 Enhanced Elite Compact comes with Sig’s SRT™ (Short Reset) trigger to improve fire control with faster follow-up shots, and an extended beavertail keeps the shooter’s hand from sliding up on the hammer during rapid fire. Other combat enhancements include a 1-piece ergonomic textured grip, front cocking serrations on the slide, and SIGLITE® night sights. The P229 is constructed with a black, hard-coat anodized aluminum frame, and a Nitro coated stainless steel slide.

The frame features an integral 3-lug Picatinny rail for attaching aftermarket sights and lights. The P229 operates with a double action/single action design, with only 3 controls: the slide stop, the magazine release, and the decocker, enabling the pistol to be deployed quickly without having to flip a mechanical safety on or off. Sig semi-automatic pistols have several built-in safety features, including a hammer block and firing pin block that make them suitable for safe carry. The Sig Sauer P229 Enhanced Elite Semi-Auto Pistol is a masterpiece of highly functional firearm engineering, that’s simple to use and easy to maintain, incredibly accurate, and rugged beyond belief.

Sig Sauer P229 Enhanced Elite Compact Features

  • Factory enhanced for concealed carry
  • Exceptional ergonomics and balance
  • Reduced reach grip
  • Short reset trigger
  • SIGLITE night sights
  • Extended beavertail
  • 1-piece ergonomic textured grip
  • Anodized aluminum frame
  • Nitro-coated stainless steel slide
  • Double action/single action design
  • Decocker with no manual safety
  • Integral 3-lug Picatinny rail


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