Smith & Wesson has had several recent introductions, and one that’s getting lots of chatter is the new M&P 5.7 pistol, chambered in the tiny 5.7x28mm. Pistols chambered in this niche sub-gun category aren’t new, but they are relatively few. The Smith’s two main competitors are from FN and Ruger, and the new M&P promises features and performance at half the price of the FN. The 5.7×28 is unique in a handgun because of its capacity potential and velocity. The new M&P 5.7 holds 22 rounds of ammunition.

The M&P 5.7 has some unique features compared to other pistols in the M&P line. Rather than being recoil or blowback operated like most pistols, the action is gas operated and features a locking breech that doesn’t open until the bullet it past the gas port. Like some of Smith & Wesson’s other pistols, the 5.7 is internally hammer-fired, not striker-fired, and it features a long 5-inch threaded barrel. Most other 5.7x28mm pistols don’t come with a threaded barrel, but many rimfire cans are rated for the cartridge, and the pistol should function without a recoil booster.


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